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Using Amazon Herbs to Maximize Your Pets Health and Vitality

We have a crisis in the health of our household pets. 1 out of every 2 dogs in the U.S. will die with cancer. Urinary tract infections and kidney stones are at epidemic levels in cats. Our pets now face degenerative diseases such as these as well as diabetes, leukemia, and arthritis. Why? Diet. We have removed them from the way that Mother Nature fed them.

As it is with humans, the common underlying factor in health challenges for animals is nutrition. Health and disease begin and end with digestion. Over the past 100 years food manufacturers have discovered a way to make our lives “easier” by pre-preparing, pre-cooking and pre-packaging foods for ourselves and our animals. They soon discovered that in the name of convenience they could sell us pet foods as a way to make money off agricultural waste products.

Commercial diets greatly contribute to the health problems our pets now face. Why?

Most commercial animal foods (including those for horses, zoo animals, birds, reptiles, etc.) are made of poor quality ingredients left over after human food is processed: husks, meals left over from petroleum-based oil fractionation, and grains found to have too high a level of molds and contaminants. The meat meal is usually from by-products that have been subjected to the rendering process. Flavor enhancers are added to make it palatable and then preservatives are tossed in to give it a 3 to 5 year shelf life.

Did Mother Nature feed cooked grains?

Most dog and cat diets today are grain based. Omnivores and carnivores were not designed to live on a cooked, grain-based diet. A grain-based diet is high in starch. Cooking coverts the starch to sugar. This unusually high level of starch (sugar) contributes to weight problems, diabetes, fatty tumors, etc.

Unfortunately, there is little of what Mother Nature intended left in what we serve our animal friends. Pets such as dogs and cats do not produce enough salivary enzymes to help break down their food. Even when we feed the finest pre-packaged foods, the enzymes in that food are denatured through cooking.

So how can we help? Amazon Herbs! By adding the benefits of whole, wild foods from nutrient rich soils that have been composted for millions of years we add back in the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that have been lost in today’s foods.

Improving Nutrition - Start with the Rainforest Health Pak

Treat your pet like your best friend. Begin with the Rainforest Health Pak.
Fiberzon and Rainforest Treasure Tea detoxify the body from the common toxins that our animals face: preservatives, medications, vaccinations, flea & tick poisons, etc. They also help alkalize the body and reduce inflammation.
Illumination and Aquazon nourish and add essential nutrients to the diet. They stimulate and support the immune system.
Sumacazon helps rebuild and support the endocrine system and restores youthful vigor. All of these products provide necessary enzymes for the body to digest and assimilate food, promote immune health, and repair tissue.

Allergies & Detoxification in Pets

One of the most common reasons for veterinary visits is for animals diagnosed with food or contact allergies. The usual treatment is to suppress the symptoms with steroids. Even chemotherapy shots are being used to suppress the immune systems response- with terrifying results.

In most cases, the underlying problem is not a true allergy. Due to an overworked and clogged elimination system the liver and kidneys are toxic. The immune system becomes over-sensitized. This can be caused by a variety of factors including over-vaccination, poisonous flea and tick medications, poor quality water, and from the daily dose of toxins found in commercial diets.

So what can we do? Think GREEN! Begin by supporting and cleansing the liver and kidneys. Rainforest Treasure Tea, Fiberzon, Aquazon, Envirozon, Arcozon and Digestazon Plus all play an important role in cleansing the body and strengthening the immune system. Feed your animals what their ancestors ate – wild foods.

Supporting Metabolism

Our dogs and cats are gaining weight and aging faster than they used to. Their diets are often high in starch and low in vitamins, bio-available minerals and enzymes. To help them have more life energy, more Chi, we can use the energy enhancing Amazon formulas: Warrior, Metabazon, Sumacazon, Matte Tea and Aquazon all support energy levels and stimulate metabolic function.

Diarrhea and Digestive Issues

An active compound extracted from Sangre de Drago, identified as SP-303, has been shown to be beneficial for stopping diarrhea. It acts by inhibiting excess water flow into the intestines. The cramps associated with upset stomach are also alleviated with its use.

Fiberzon (which contains Sangre de Drago) is also excellent for diarrhea and digestive upsets. (Note: use Fiberzon Plus only if you don't have Fiberzon, and then only with great caution. It is extremely potent. Start with a very small dose only.)

When an animal has trouble gaining or retaining proper weight, use Digestazon Plus to increase food utilization and break down indigestible fats and other ingredients of commercial diets.

Wound and Skin Care

When a cut or scrape is fresh the best thing to do is to clean it with a mild cleanser, dry it as well as possible and then coat it with Sangre de Drago. Allow the Sangre de Drago to dry completely as this will form an instant “scab” that helps prevent the wound from becoming infected. Within seconds of application, the resin dries to form a protective "second skin." This protective layer allows the underlying skin to regenerate itself without additional risk of abrasion or infection. Sangre de Drago contains a latex resin containing an alkaloid called taspine that helps to speed wound healing. It also stops bleeding.

Sangre de Drago has analgesic properties that reduce pain. Taken internally it will also assist the body in moving repair materials to the wound. Apply Recovazon topically once the wound is dry and give Recovazon internally to reduce pain and inflammation.

If a wound is already infected use Treasure Tea and/or Arcozon to soak the area. You can use wet tea bags as a poultice to help draw out pus or soak off dirty scabs. Camu C Serum can help break down scar tissue and assist with healing. Stevia has been used for centuries to kill or prevent bacterial infections on wounds. When scar tissue or proud flesh has built up try a wet poultice of Digestazon Plus on the area for an hour, then rinse and apply Sangre de Drago to the cleaned area to seal it and assist with healing.


Ear infections are a common plight for cats and dogs. High starch diets set up a high acid environment that is perfect for yeasts, molds and viruses. Start with flushing the ear with Arcozon. Hold the treated ear up so that the ear canal stays full for 5 minutes if possible. Always treat both ears! Do this even if only one seems to be affected.

For wet ears, after treating with Arcozon, flush the ear with Sangre de Drago. This helps dry the ear canal and allow it to heal.

By the time that yeast is coming out the ears or vagina it is systemic. We need to lower yeast levels throughout the body as well. Start with Treasure Tea along with Arcozon or Envirozon internally. Avoid starch based foods. This is where the entire Rainforest Health Pak regime is especially important.

Traditional Peruvian medicine uses Sangre de Drago as an antiseptic vaginal douche. Bacteria and yeasts need to "root" in the lining of the vagina to take hold and create infection. Sangre de Drago makes the lining of the vagina impervious to these micro-organisms, which reduces infection.

Oral Care

If you have ever paid to have your pets’ teeth cleaned you know oral care can be expensive. Be a hero to every pet owner you know and recommend Sangre de Drago for their pets’ teeth and gums. Using a finger, Q-tip or other applicator, coat the teeth and gums twice a day for about a week. This helps kill gum disease and removes tooth tarter. And, unlike toothpaste, every bit of what the animal swallows is healthy!

Stress and Anxiety

Dogs, cats, birds, horses and even ferrets get stressed. Whether from being left alone or from being asked to do things that make them uncomfortable: ride in a car, be confined in a crate or stall, or by being left alone. Start with Calmazon. This is one of the formulas available as a bulk powder for a good reason. It works wonders! Mix it into a bowl of water, into a cream cheese ball or into their food.

Birds pluck out their own feathers when under stress. Add a little Calmazon to their water or seed. Spray a diluted mix of Calmazon in water directly on them.

Pain and Inflammation

Animals experience a wide variety of aches and pains just like we do. From bruises and strains to chronic difficulties such as arthritis and laminitis. Both acute and chronic pain respond well to the anti-inflammatory effects of Recovazon. Use Recovazon both topically and internally.

Chronic issues are often tied to the pH of the body being to acidic. All of the Amazon Herb formulas are extremely alkalizing. When possible use the entire Rainforest Health Pak to alkalize the body thereby lowering inflammation levels.

Acute pain from wounds responds well to Sangre de Drago applied topically. It deadens the pain receptors on the cut nerves. Several health practitioners in the U.S. indicate benefits in using Sangre de Drago resin internally for diabetic neuropathy because of its documented effects on nerve endings, nerve pain and nerve inflammation. Benefits have also been reported with diabetes-related skin ulcers and sores (applied topically) which have refused to heal using other methods.

Surgical Care

Dr. Randy McMillan, DVM now uses Sangre de Drago and Recovazon with all surgical patients. Prior to suturing he seals the incision with Sangre de Drago, finishes stitching, covers it again with Sangre de Drago and then with Recovazon. Patients are then given Recovazon by mouth to assist with recovery and bring the animal out of anesthesia. He reports remarkable healing times and has little or no need for the traditional Elizabethan collars that prevent animals from chewing and scratching when healing wounds begin to itch. If an animal remains too groggy after anesthesia he administers Warrior to help it wake up and give it energy to heal.

Odor Control and Household Accidents

Animal odors can be difficult to eliminate, especially urine and fecal odors. Amazon Herb’s Clean and Green acts as an enzymatic neutralizer as well as cleanser. After cleaning the area with Clean and Green spray the area again and let it dry. This breaks down any remaining scent particles and reduces the likelihood of the next animal marking the same spot!

Kay Aubrey-Chimene - Owner of Grand Adventures Ranch is a Bio-Nutritional Consultant with over 15 years experience in animal health and nutrition. Kay has her BS in Animal Health Sciences from the University of Arizona and completed graduate studies in Nutrition, Biochemistry and Evolutionary Behavior. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and holds certificates in Bio-Energy Analysis, Kinesiology, Equine and Canine Massage Therapy, E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique), Acupressure and Experiential Training techniques. Kay is a founding member of the Equine Iridology Foundation and is a leader in nutrition and whole health practices.
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